Work Samples

Partially under construction. 

Here are some samples for business copywriting, editing, product copy, UX. 

Other samples for ghostwriting and grantwriting coming soon! 

Please email me at for my latest portfolio. 

UX Writing for website and app: insurtech start-up


Web and app copy for a new insurance platform in the UAE. Fully remote collaboration, with a cross-functional team of UX/UI designers, developers and marketing, across both the client’s product team and the agency’s creative team. 

Client: Shory Insurance

How I added value: 

Android and iPhone

Research Report: electronics technology company


Commissioned market research report on smart cities and mobility technology in Singapore. Requirements scoped in Japanese, but output in English.

Client: Omron Healthcare

How I added value: 

- Handled client communications in Japanese language

- Gave recommendations and insights based on researched information

- Included comprehensive list of references for all data sources

Download Executive summary

Product Case Study: cybersecurity start-up


Copywriting for technical product brochures and business use case studies. 

Client: Clault Pte Ltd

How I added value: 

- Interviewed engineers to understand product 

- Researched cryptography and security to understand industry 

- Crafted compelling business stories and included design work 

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Product Solutions and Case Studies: cloud infrastructure telco 


I was the 4th copywriter hired by a creative agency (the others had failed), to create an urgent conference presentation for an IT infrastructure telco. 

Client: China Telecom

How I added value: 

- Researched industry and competitors to understand their product 

- Guesstimated what the engineers actually wanted 

- Handled queries up and down the communication chain (creative agency, marketing dept) 

- Found a middle ground between diverse stakeholder requirements to deliver on deadline

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EDM for Product Feature Release: martech product  


I was hired as a contract copywriter for a large organisation with multiple products. 

At some point, my manager left. I ended up doing his job, as well as reaching out to a product team that had limited marketing support.  

Client: NTUC Link 

How I added value: 

- Hung out with scrum product teams to stay up to date with product developments

- Interviewed product owners to clarify and articulate benefits (not just features) 

- Set up webinars for end-customers, and trained engineers to deliver presentations

Download EDM

Branding Messaging Matrix: large organisation


A company with wide range of digital products, business segments, customer bases (both b2b and b2c). I was part of Marketing’s attempt to consolidate everything under 1 brand. 

Client: NTUC Link

How I added value: 

- Reviewed legacy branding documents and ongoing user research analyses 

- Iterated and collaborated with Marketing, Research and Product teams

- Worked with designers to create style and tone guides 

- Ensured consistent messaging on all content collaterals  

Contact me for a redacted version

Editing for legal jargon: IP law firm 


Editing a boilerplate jargon-filled legal disclaimer document into a short, clear piece that normal people can read. 

Client: Schweiger and Partners

How I added value: 

- Focused on readability: removed long sentences, block paragraphs, etc.  

- Emphasised active language: removed passive voice, changed pronouns, etc 

- Restructured standard legal chapter style into FAQ-style content 

- Reduced document length by half, while retaining all significant details. 

Download Legal Document

Scientific Editing: medtech equipment manufacturer


Editing scientist interviews, editing and formatting scientific journal articles; reviewing original Japanese text for English consistency; product marketing copy 

Client: Hitachi 

How I added value: 

- Vetted original Japanese text to ensure accuracy in English translation

- Identified and corrected typos, mistakes in data presentation (graphs, captions etc) in medical journal articles 

- Edited citations and units for consistency with scientific style guides 

- Reviewed technical product brochures to identify benefits for audience 

Download Science Newsletter

B2B Blog Post: consulting firm 


Research-intensive blog post for building client’s reputation as thought leader; content to later expand into detailed market research reports. 

Client: Zomwork (now-defunct Singapore Press Holdings startup) 

How I added value:  

- Expanded upon a basic brief to identify, conceptualise and propose relevant content 

- Structured research information for future content formats 

- Enhanced dry corporate materials with a friendly tone of voice

Download Blog Post

Website Content: B2B SaaS product 


Copywriting and editing a new website for a b2b navigation technology product with multiple solutions and industries. 

Client: GrabMaps (Grab for Business) 

How I added value: 

- created questionnaires for business development teams, to identify product use cases

- ensured alignment between content messaging, and product features and benefits 

- did both copywriting (sales-focused persuasion) and UX writing (user-focused content flow) 

Note: projectly currently under embargo. Contact me for explanation of my process.