Writing, Editing & Content Strategy
Freelance copywriter based in Singapore

Words matter. Transform your ideas into user-friendly content. 

Have you ever struggled to explain your thoughts in words?


+ How do you create compelling written content that connects with your target audience? 

+ How do you ensure alignment with your core message, style, tone and brand? (Do you even know what they are?) 

+ How do you polish and re-arrange it, so that the final output is error-free, makes sense, and is easy to read? 

What I do
I help you take your business to the next level. 

With precise, powerful and persuasive writing that clarifies your ideas and communicates your message. 

UX writing

Creating a new website or app? I work with your product, design or bizdev teams to ensure that content and navigation grab attention and meet user needs. 

Product copywriting

Selling relies on explaining how and why your product is unique. Differentiate between features and benefits in your descriptions, brochures, and case studies

Business communications

Slide decks, emails, annual reports, video scripts, public speaking training, employee handbooks, etc, that support your core messaging and branding.

Ghost writing

Articles, speeches, and full-length books – published under your own name. Boost your thought leadership while maintaining your voice and vision. 

Grant writing

Attention to detail, to check every box. I’ve written science R&D grants, government tenders, and arts proposals, with millions of dollars in successful funding.

Academic Editing

Need to get past your thesis defense? Refine your dissertations, research papers, and scientific abstracts, according to your required style guide. 

Why choose me? (frequently asked questions)

Do you have a technical background?

Yes. I have a bachelor’s degree in physics, worked in biotech, have geeky friends and made this site myself. I pick up technical concepts fast, and am almost as comfortable with numbers as I am with words.

Can you write for a general audience?

Yes. There’s jargon everywhere – my value lies in explaining complicated concepts in simple English. Also, less is more; with your permission, I'll edit long bloated sentences into something sharp and elegant.

I have some idea, but no specifics. Can you help?

I’ll try. Generally, I know what I don’t know. So I know what questions to ask, no matter how vague your brief. No strategy, no structure? I’ll help with that. Contact me for a free consultation (no obligations).

How good is your English?

Well, I usually score 99th-percentile on standardised tests. And I love vocabulary games! I’m a native speaker, a grammar nazi 🙂 and a CELTA-certified ESL teacher who’s taught English in various countries.

But can you write?

I like to think so! Lots of corporate or technical writing is correct but clunky. Language has rhythm, just like music. I like beauty. I like words that flow. I don’t see why b2b writing should be any different.

Do you speak other languages?

Yes! I’ve done research and writing projects where the source material was in Chinese and Japanese. I’m fluent enough to translate, edit and summarise into English (but not the other way round).